Friday, July 25, 2008

They're so cute when they're sleeping...

My baby sleeping with her baby

They were both sleeping on Matthew's bed - the top bunk

Our (short but long) trip

We planned a trip to Mount Rushmore to see it while we're living "closer" to it and to also see our friends before they moved from there. After planning that, my extended family planned a party for my Grandma since she is turning 100 in December. That meant driving to South Dakota, spening a couple of days there (camping), driving all day to Utah and then back home.

It was fun to spend time at the lake with our friends, even though it was cloudy and sometimes rainy. It wasn't too cold, unless you were on the boat after getting wet... I really wish that we could live by the these friends sometime in our life!

Mount Rushmore was pretty neat, but definitely a little "random" as I've heard it described. We were there all day just to see the fireworks that night. At least it wasn't too hot!!! The fireworks show was a half hour long and we were in a good spot to watch, so that was good.

The party for my Grandma was a nice event. It was fun to see extended family that I don't see very often. The food was fabulous, especially the wonderful pasta/crab/ham salad!!!!!!!! Here is a picture of some dresses that my Grandma saved that were modeled during the program for the party. I was impressed that they could be worn now and be in style. (The middle one is actually a robe.)

After the party, we were able to see Jim's brother and his family since they had come to Utah for Sarah's brother's wedding (all of her siblings that are married have married someone with the same name of another sibling). It was fun to see them again. We also saw my Grandma that lives in Utah, but I don't have a picture of that. We saw my friend and her family on Sunday morning and then made the long drive home. Tuesday to Sunday - not very long, but it was a fun time!

My 3 (bald) sons

This is what has kept us busy this summer...

One week left and we'll have our nights back. They have both done well and had a good time.


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