Sunday, February 22, 2009

What we've been up to...

I guess it's time for an update! The kids didn't have school Monday or Tuesday, so on Tuesday, we ventured to Colorado Springs to visit my parents. We also went to the Olympic Training Center so that Wesley could accomplish the "visit an important place in your community" portion for his Wolf badge for Cub Scouts. Here are a few pictures from that visit.
I love Matthew's smile in this one!

My brother Kendall in the middle.

I have a notebook in my purse that the twins keep getting and drawing in. Here are some of the latest.

A alien dog / A dog

An alien cat / A regular cat

This dog has glases to.

This is a cat and it has glasis.

My nose is feeling fine and I'm surprised how little pain, bruising and blood there was. It's not quite straight, so we'll see what they do with that, but if they do fix it again, it will be in the OR. If it's not going to affect my breathing or cause sinus problems, I'll probably just leave it! Thank you for your concern and sympathy! I still can't believe they do that to people!!!