Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm a Winner!

I got a fun phone call today. "You won tickets to Tuesday's Rockies game!" See, 850 KOA is having a contest to win the stuff the Rockies gave away at the opening home stand commemorating their National League Championship last year. Here's a picture of the "loot."

We actually went to the game where they gave out the poster, but it's fun to have the other stuff, too. They also were giving away a replica trophy, but that game was postponed to June because of a snow storm, so I will get that later (as well as tickets to the make-up game).

This is actually the 3rd time I've won with KOA. I won tickets to Rockies Opening Day last year and then won $850 as a "consultant." My mom won tickets to an Ice Capades show from KOA when I was little, too.

P.S. I need someone to tell me how to make the picture "clickable" to a bigger image...