Monday, January 5, 2009

A few photos...

Our Christmas card picture.

(If you would like to see our letter,

leave a comment and I'll e-mail it to you.

Sorry we can't mail one to ALL the people

that we would like to!!! I'm thankful for

technology helping to keep in touch!)

The kids made gingerbread

(okay - graham cracker and canned frosting)

houses for FHE one night.



Wesley's (after a cave-in)

James' truck

Our friends, the Lawsons, were visiting family and came by our house, too.

I love when we get to see them!!!

(The 2 on the right side are twins, too.)


rebecca said...

loved your Christmas letter and photo. You and Jim haven't changed a bit since you left Boston!!!
Best wishes with the move and all that comes your way in ' fun being in touch.

Jodie said...

Where are you moving to??? I got your email about Time Out For Women. I think I am going with some friends from the Springs. It would be fun to meet up. Lets keep in touch! Happy New Year

hales said...

You're moving?? Do tell.

ConversationsWithACupcake said...

I love the pictures of the gingerbread houses.

Making gingerbread houses always sounds like such a good idea, but more often than not, ours end with tears and a big mess on the floor. They just never look like the picture you have in your head, darned it!

It looks like you guys had a WONDERFUL christmas! I'm so glad! Hugs!

karenwestover said...

Hi, Kristy!
Glad I found your blog. How is everyone? Where are you moving to now? Looks like everyone is happy and healthy. Megan looks so much like you! Would love to get your Christmas letter. One of these years, I hope we can get one done.....


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